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It all started in 1999 when David Dumais was working for a computer company called Desai in Windsor Connecticut as a technician. During this time David quickly moved up through the company learning all that he could about computers, there programs, trouble shooting and even how to build them. Dave began taking classes offered by his company and soon earned his certification through Microsoft. Not soon after that Desai closed its doors and Dave was off on his own. A friend approached Dave about a tech position at the Pratt and Whitney Surplus Store and told him that they were looking for someone to help there customers who purchased computers. So in 2001 David began working as a contractor for the Surplus Store. David’s knowledge and popularity grew very quickly and before he realized it people asked him if he had his own company. That simple question lead Dave to start his very own business and in 2002 Dave formed Keylynx Technologies Inc.
Since 2002 Dave has been working very hard to make his mark in this competitive industry. He has been well received by his customers and clients as an honest and fair computer company. He is still a contractor for The Pratt and Whitney Surplus Store and even had the chance to open a store front within Pratt and Whitney. This partnership has worked very well since the start and has been growing steadily ever since.
The people you will meet at Keylynx Technologies share the same values as its owner.  Dave’s employees are his friends and family. Dave believes in taking care of those who help take care of you. That simple motto rings true to his customers. A majority of Dave’s business is made up of repeat customers who have been bringing their family and friends to Keylynx for honest service and repairs.
So when you need friendly advice, repair work, a new computer or just need to ask questions please contact us or come down to see everyone at KeyLynx Technologies for all of your computer needs.
For whatever the future brings, you can count on KeyLynx Technologies to be there for you Today, Tomorrow and Beyond………KeyLynx.
Thank you,
David M. Dumais
President and Owner



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