Security & Sureillance

We are proud to introduce 

KeyLynx Technologies Security and Alarm Division. 


This division is proud to offer Home and Business security including: 24 Hour Monitoring systems with direct contact to Police and EMS responders.


We also have cameras and full surveillance

systems available, including night vision cameras

for entrances and exits, parking lots and secured areas including your home or business.


You can check on your home or business from

your smart phone, make sure employees are

doing their job and check on your home

when your not there. Security gives you peace of mind for your family and the business you worked so hard to build. We want to help you protect 

what is important to you. 


Keylynx also has keyless entrance systems for

added security and allows special clearance into areas only specified by you.


Call for quotes and pricing.



Merry Christmas.

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